SEO Myths

SEO Myths - FAQ Explained

Regardless of what friends and experts may tell you, Search Engine Optimisation is no dark art, and with the right knowledge, experience and techniques, anyone can improve their own business SEO. We believe here at i2optimise in a fully transparent approach to our services and the "so called mystical world" of SEO. We therefore would like to clear up some of the common SEO myths & questions that circulate around this industry.

We hope you find this section useful and will hopefully stop you or your friends being caught out by Pirate SEO Expert claims and promises.

Not exactly. Whilst there’s no exact science to SEO, we firmly believe in a quality over quantity approach when it comes to link building. You’ll never see us making promises about how many links we’ll get you per month for the simple fact that it’s not really a numbers game. We will always prioritise obtaining two or three well researched, top quality links from websites with a lot of authority over 40 links a month from paid directories and other low quality, spam-ridden domains.

Definitely! Bad links to your site such as from Link Farms, Unregisterd Directories can not only hurt your listings postion but can even get you booted off Google completely.

False. Again, this is a wildly inaccurate statement. As with all quality marketing techniques, SEO requires a lot of time and effort and 99.9% of the time you won’t see an immediate impact. This is down to a number of factors, including the fact that Google simply doesn’t crawl every site every day.

Similarly, once you start moving up the rankings you won’t see us taking our foot off the gas. The job is only half done at that point and our job is then to ensure you keep seeing improvements!

These basically represent the right and wrong techniques and methods used to build your SEO. White-Hat SEO is the correct form of SEO and represents the correct methods which you should take in order to get the best results. Naturally all the infomation and techniques we have explained throughout this website has been White-Hat techniques.

Black-Hat SEO is the wrong (cheating) way to build your SEO. Today search engines such as Google can detect Black-Hat SEO and on many occasions will get your website banned and deleted from search listings completely. Techniques used in Black-Hat SEO may consist of Invisible Text, Cloaking, Keyword Stuffing, Doorway Pages and Spam.

Wrong! Whilst to a newcomer the idea of SEO could be quite daunting, it really is no dark art. Here at i2optimise we firmly believe in a transparent approach with our clients and can assure you that you’ll never be kept in the dark when it comes to your time and money. Any agency that refuses to reveal what they’re doing on your campaigns is probably doing something they don’t want you to know about.

If there’s anything you don’t understand then be sure to drop us an email or phone call. We don’t bite, and would be more than happy to talk you through the basics or any queries you may have about the world of SEO.

Absolutely yes! Whilst we like to think of ourselves as experts in the field, client involvement can really help turn a good SEO campaign into a great one. If you’ve got any ideas then we’re all ears, and welcome any input you may have! Plus the more imput you do the more you will learn and the less your bill will a win win situation for you.

Yes. Search engines today are very sophisticated systems and during their time scanning through your HTML code for key SEO parts such as the keywords and title tags etc, they are also analysing the design and quality of your site code. Search engines such as Google in simple terms sees a well developed modern website as being run by a more important established company and therefore will give you bonus points over a less developed competitor site. Key areas that they will scan your website for is the quality of the site code, speed of your site, responsiveness of your site for all devices and quality of site content.

Not quite. Buying a domain name which includes your main keyword for example may have previously got you top position for the keyword ‘Butcher Todmorden’, however due to a recent Google algorithm changes that’s no longer the case. Dont get us wrong this will still help, however the correct SEO will get you just as much success...and you could keep your domain for your actual company name.