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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

I2optimise is part of a series of sub-companies all run by the Renowned Multimedia Web and Design studio GillGraphics. To learn more about the GillGraphics brand and the services we offer, please visit our websites below...

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About i2optimise

Developed and run by Multimedia Web & Design studio GillGraphics , I2optimise was built to focus on the growing industry that is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Using a wide range of professional SEO white hat techniques and knowledge we have learnt in the SEO industry, our aim at i2optimise has two goals - first to teach our clients full understanding of the importance of SEO and the services available to help their business grow, and second to put our techniques into practice and get our clients up the search rankings and get their business & products seen.

This website was built not only to showcase our services we can offer here at i2optimise, but to act as a SEO learning station, providing details into the various services and techniques used in SEO, the truth behind SEO Myths that you may read on the internet, and how other SEO companies may try trick you with their services. We will also be offering regular SEO updates and tips through our Blog - other SEO companies are not going to like us for any of this!

We hope this website helps you understand more about the SEO industry and the advantages it can have on your company. Any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Gill - MD, GillGraphics