Website Analytics

What is website Analytics?

The term Web Analytics is the process of measuring, analysing and reporting internet data captured by your website. Using this data you can gather infomation about your site traffic amounts, location of your users, pages they visited and the length of time spent on each page.

Using this information can allow you to find the strengths and weaknesses within your website to help improve it. Below we have listed into detail the three main services used for web Analysis.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service developed by Google which monitors your website traffic information using trackers that are added into your website HTML code. From this website owners can access information about the number of visitors to your site, the time duration the users spend viewing your website, favourite pages accessed, device and browser types used and much more. Below are some of the key features Google Analyics provides:

Content Analysis - The quality of your site content will determine the length of time visitors spend on your site. Analytics will monitor the time duration users spend on your individual pages, letting you discover which pages are performing better than others.

Advertising Reports - If you're paying good money for company adverts it can be nice to know what effect they can be having. Here you can keep track and learn how your display ads are working across the Google network.

Browser Analysis - This analyses the types of devices and browsers your users were using when they visited your website. This can prove useful as websites with high level of animation and flash effects cannot be viewed on certain browsers and devices therefore allowing you to check this. If you find a large number of visitors are using mobile devices you could find it therefore cost effective to develop your website to work more effectively on phone devices through responsive grid systems or with a dedicated mobile website.

Visitor Reports - Find out how many visitors your website got over chosen time periods, which pages they most visited and the time durations they spent. Google Analytics also incorporates a real time checker, allowing you to check the number of visitors on your website at that exact moment.

Google Webmasters

Google Webmasters is another free website analysis service that provides the owner or developer of a website to analyse the sites performance. Google Webmasters alters slightly to Google Analytics as it focuses its attention more onto the quality of the website and how it has been developed. Using Webmasters users can analyse their websites performance and use it to help modify areas such as the following:

Crawling Information - Learn how Google bots have scanned your site and any problems they may have encounted.

Search Results - Find the results of the most popular keywords used that brings up your website and the number of clicks your website achieved from this.

Links Information - Webmasters can scan your site for any broken links and also identifies the number on internal and external links from your site.

Site Configuration - Webmasters will analyse if your web pages successfully join in a logical manner and if all pages have been indexed by the Google bots.

Diagnostic Problems - Webmasters will not only check for any errors that may occur in the site HTML code, but will also regularly scan your site for any malware infection that may appear.

XML & HTMl Site Maps

Site maps show the link connections between the individual pages on your website. There are two different types of site maps, XML and HTML. HTML site maps are found within a website located on a separate page for users to access and use to find the required pages they want. XML site maps however are created and uploaded onto the web server along within the website HTML code files. The purpose of the XML site map is to help Google Bots identify all your site pages and index them correctly for search engine use. This can be particularly important if your website is for example mostly flash driven, as flash websites do not have page links and therefore Google bots are unable to read and identify the link connections automatically.