Off-Page SEO

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO relates to the services and techniques used to get your website and business up out of the darkness and into the faces of your potential clients. This is done not only by using techniques to get your website to show higher on search engine listings, but to create natural ways to get people visiting your site and sharing your information without them searching for you, using methods such as blogs, competitions, advertisment campaigns and social media.

Below we have named a few of the Off-Page techniques we use here at i2optimise, and explained in detail the purpose and advantage each can have. If you would like to know more about how our Off-page services can help you and your business then please feel free to contact us.

Link Building

Link building is all about building links between yours and other peoples website. Up until a few years ago, search engines used to think that the more links to and from your site the bigger and better your company must be, and as a result link building years ago was as easy as submitting your site to as many directories and link farms as possible and away you went. Today however they have got wise to this and now your rankings are determined on the quality of your link in terms of the size and importance of the company website you are linked with.

We like to pride ourselves on keeping up to date with all developments in Google’s algorithm and as a result, you won’t find us spamming the Internet with low quality patter about your business. We dedicate time and effort to creating the best content and opportunities for our clients to ensure that everything associated with them is a valuable resource which keeps the Internet free of low quality content that is clearly there just for the sake of a link.

Social Media

We’re fully aware of the power of social media and how beneficial it can be for companies. Naturally, this transfered into the world of SEO. We want social media channels to be buzzing with talk of our clients and so dedicating time for creating, running and maintaining social media accounts across a number of platforms is a must for our clients. We know that search engines are integrating social media into their algorithms more and more, and we want to make sure you are kept right up to speed with that.


More and more companies today are using competitions to try entice customers new and old to interact with their business via their website or social media presence. Types of competitions can range from requesting users to send in designs & ideas, fill out forms, share/like images or fb groups or complete simple games & tasks. The type of competition would usually depend on your type of business and the products & services you offer. All competitions usually require some result of a prize (Otherwise nobody will take part), these again will alter depending on your business but can usually consist of money off a product/service, gift voucher, certificate/trophy or free prize give away of an item. Competitions can be a great way to gather new clients and as a result is a favourite amongst SEO consultants


The term SEO Campaign relates to the full project of improving your company SEO and getting your website & services seen. A campaign would include a large number (if not all) the techniques involved in both On-page and Off-page SEO in order to be a success. The result of a good campaign should be to drive large amounts of traffic to your website from a wide range of sources, and therefore when starting a new campaign for your company you will need to consider and analyse many factors. These factors will include areas such as the technical and visual quality of your website, social media presence, keyword study, competitor analysis and study, website content, traffic resources, competitions and updated news feeds such as blogs. Once all these factors are analysed, only then can a successful campaign begin.

If you would like more advice and help on starting your own company campaign then why not book one of our consultancy meetings. Here we will analyse your current status and help you form a successful campaign strategy to get your business out of the darkness and seen.


Being in a creative industry, we like to think outside the box when it comes to our campaigns. One creative outlet we like to use (and push to get set up) are on-site blogs for our clients. This allows us to keep a constant flow of great, resourceful content that will not only help our SEO efforts, but also ensure our client’s have the most useful, readable sites on the web.

Google Adwords

There's a big chance you would at some point been told about or seen the expression Google Adwords. Adwords is a very simple advertising system developed by Google to help assist you in marketing your products/services and website on the Google search engine and its affilliate sites. It works via allowing a user to first create an advert, and then by using a bidding system, allowing you to bid (usually between £2-£10) what position you would like your advert to be placed once your chosen keywords are entered. The higher the bid you make to your rival companies the higher you will appear above them. Each bid is only charged however once your advert is clicked via a user, hence the term Pay Per Click (PPC).

Google Remarketing

Have you ever visited a website for a company in the past and then suddenly started to see adverts for this same company all over the web on most websites you visit? Well this advertisement technique is called remarketing, and is another clever service developed by Google that works alongside Adwords. In simple form, once a user visits your website, Google places on their browser what's called a cookie. These cookies hold infomation about websites/ pages you visit so that when you re-visit that website it can load faster and even show infomation that you may have previously entered. In remarketing this cookie identifies when you have visited a website, which then triggers off the companies own Adwords campaign showing their product adverts when avaliable.